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Press Release

20 December 1999

Y2K Status Report

In order to save memory, the pioneers of the computer era opted for a date format with only two digits for the designation of year. As a result, older computer systems will not recognize the start of the new millennium. The Bank’s central processing and accounting systems are only four years old, so a successful transition to the new century is expected.

We also use various software applications which may be exposed to the «millennium bug». To remedy the problem, our IT specialists fully tested and converted (where necessary) all applications written in the Clarion-2, Clarion for Windows, and Clipper languages. In addition, we upgraded and modified our telecommunication software, including the Teleplat sm electronic banking system.

To ensure our systems are Year 2000-compliant, we checked up our hardware and software during a «virtual new-millennium» operating day in early December 1999. During that day we saw no serious system delays.

Information Services Division
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