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The CMB EC/MC card allows you to pay for goods and services without cash in Russia and in the increasing number of countries around the world. You can also withdraw cash in thousands of banks and cash dispensers anywhere in the world.

Our EC/MC cards:

  • are sold to private individuals only
  • are denominated in US Dollars and are linked to personal current accounts maintained with the CMB
  • allow you to receive one additional card for your partner or any adult member of your family
  • can be issued on the second business day upon your request
  • provide you with health insurance abroad.

Payment Cards

This card is a safe, easy and convenient method of payment and is specially designed for the middle-class spenders.
Each card transaction is entered into the debit of your account, therefore reducing your payment limit. You can increase your available payment limit either by depositing cash or transferring money from your personal account with CMB or other bank.
EC/MC payment card:
  • has a minimum initial deposit of USD 800.–
  • requires a cardholder to maintain a minimum credit account balance of USD 300.–
  • has no transactions fees, except those for cash withdrawal that are charged at 1.5% of the amount of cash, with a minimum fee of USD 3.–

Credit Cards

Coming with the EC/MC gold logo, the CMB credit card will add to your prestige. To open a credit card account you must place with CMB a security deposit up from USD 2,000.– and an additional amount equal to your desired credit limit. The minimum credit limit currently is USD 1,000.–.
All purchases of goods and services are free of transactions fees, but we charge you a 12% p.a. interest on the amount you owe to us on the account. Each month you must pay the statement balance in full not later than the date specified in your application, plus eight business days.

To obtain more information about our card services, please call our Customer Services Division on +7 095 237 6006.

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