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Eurocard/Mastercard Price List

  Payment cards Credit cards
Minimum initial deposit – main card USD 800.- USD 2,500.- plus agreed credit limit
Minimum initial deposit – additional card USD 400.- USD 500.-
Minimum credit limit none USD 1,000.-
Grace period, including the statement date none 8 days
Minimum account balance – main card USD 300.- none
Minimum account balance – additional card USD 150.- none
Payment limit 97% of actual account balance less minimum account balance Unused credit limit
Credit interest Bank’s
current rates
current rates
Debit interest none 12% p.a.
Debit interest – overdrafts 36% p.a. 36% p.a.
Card issuance fee
  • 7 business days from the approval date
none none
  • 3 business days from the approval date
USD 50.- USD 100.-
  • 1 business day from the approval date
USD 50.- USD 100.-
Photo imprinting fee USD 10.- none
Annual service fee USD 25.- USD 70.-
Transaction fee none none
Cash withdrawals – Credit Moscow Bank Bank’s
standard fee
standard fee
Cash withdrawals – other banks 1.5%, min USD 3.- 1.5%, min USD 3.-
Additional services    
Medical insurance USD 8.- USD 18.-
SOVINTEL telephone card free free


The complete list of our EC/MC charges (in Russian) can be received from the Credit Cards Department. Please call + 7 095 237 6012.

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