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Money Transfers

Specially designed for private individuals, this service allows you to send or receive payments in US Dollars without establishing a bank account with CMB.

Money transfers within Russia and abroad are subject to certain foreign exchange control restrictions imposed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. RF resident customers are obliged before making outgoing payments to furnish CMB with the documents confirming the purpose and the amount of transfer (agreements, invoices, etc.). In contrast, non-residents must submit only documents disclosing the origin of money (custom declarations, personal tax returns, etc.).

Without presentation of these documents both residents and non-residents may transfer in aggregate up to USD 2,000.– per one banking day.


Transfer amount


up to USD 2,000.–

USD 20.– per transfer

USD 2,000.– and more

1% of the transfer amount


For more information, please contact our Customer Services Division on +7 095 237 5796

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